Adding MOAB Account ManagerΒΆ

  1. First configure the LDAP datastore. See Adding OpenLDAP.

  2. Install mam command line.

  3. Test using www-data user.

  4. Add project to MAM that has no access. Call it default (or whatever else you want).

  5. Edit the DATASTORES setting in /etc/karaage3/

            'DESCRIPTION': 'LDAP datastore',
            'DESCRIPTION': 'MAM datastore',
            'ENGINE': 'karaage.datastores.mam.MamDataStore',
            'PREFIX': [],
            'PATH': '/usr/local/mam/bin:/usr/local/mam/sbin',
            'NULL_PROJECT': 'default',

    Values PREFIX, PATH, and NULL_PROJECT are defaults and can be omitted.

  6. In /etc/karaage3/ uncomment the LOGGING assignment lines related to mam.

  7. Reload apache.

    service apache2 reload