There are a number of plugins for Karaage that are not enabled by default.

  • Karaage Applications: application process for karaage.

  • Karaage Software: keep track of software.

  • Karaage Usage: keep track of usage.

Karaage Usage plugin

Karaage usage requires karaage applications and karaage software, and will automatically pull in the required dependancies. It is an external plugin that provides usage graphs and statistics for cluster systems. To enable it:

  1. Install the extra required package:

    apt-get install python-kgusage
  2. Add the following to /etc/karaage3/

    PLUGINS = [
  3. Run the database migrations, restart apache, and install the celery deaemon.

    kg-manage migrate --all
    service apache2 reload
    apt-get install karaage3-celery
  4. Check to ensure the celery daemon is running.

You may need to update PBS/slurm logging to talk correctly to Karaage. Only do this if kg-pbs-logger was previously configured.

Karaage no longer requires a dedicated account for kg-pbs-logger. Rather it uses the machine entry.

For every machine:

  • Navigate to machine entry in admin website.

  • Click password button to reset the password.

  • Update /etc/karaage/pbs-logger.cfg and for ws_username use the machine name in karaage, and for ws_password use the password obtained in the previous step.

  • Test.