A person may have one or more accounts. An account allows a person to access machines on a given machine category.


A person who has unlimited access to Karaage.

data store

A list of external databases that we should link to and update automatically. Supported databases include LDAP, MAM, and Slurm.

global data store

A data store for storing global data. The global datastores are responsible for writing global data, such as people (not accounts) to external databases such as LDAP.


A list of people. Usually maps directly to an LDAP Group, but this depends on the data stores used.


An entity that represents the organisation or group that every person and project belongs to.

institute delegate

A person who manages an term:institute, and can allow new project’s for the institute.


A single cluster or computer which is managed as a distinct unit.

machine category

A group of machines that share the same authentication systems.

machine category data store

A data store for storing machine category specific data The machine category datastores are specific to a given machine machine, and are responsible for writing machine category specific data, such as accounts (not people) to external databases such as LDAP.


A person who has access to the Karaage system. A person could have one/more accounts, be an administrator, be a project leader, be an institute delegate. These are optional.


A list of people who share a common goal.

project leader

A person who manages a project, and can allow new user’s to use the project.